CODE Words podcast: Georgie Parker’s devastating skinfold testing experience; Cricket great Mike Hussey our special guest

In our first episode of CODE Words, Adam Peacock and Georgie Parker talk about her harrowing experiences with skinfold testing while she was an elite athlete.

CODE Words with Adam Peacock and Georgie Parker
CODE Words with Adam Peacock and Georgie Parker

In our first episode of the weekly podcast CODE Words, co-host Georgie Parker recounts some of the extremes she went to to ensure her weight was right for fortnightly skinfold testing.

The Commonwealth Games gold medallist would dehydrate herself to pass the test.

“I wasn’t unfit, I was the fastest in the side,” Parker says.

“You learn these tricks along the way which is so unhealthy for your actual performance. I knew that if I dehydrated myself I would be lower on my skinfolds.

“I knew when I had a skinfold test I could even have a beep test on the same day, and I would dehydrate myself for two days going into a skinfold. Potentially go into a sauna that morning to lose a bit more water, go there, get in an ice bath because if you’re cold it decreases as well, just to drop a couple of millimetres on my skinfolds to give them a number they are happy with.

“Going into a beep test without drinking water for one or two days, how healthy is that?”

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