The NRL SuperCoach Podcast

In this Supercoach podcast, The Daily Telegraph's Tom Sangster is joined by other football pundits to discuss the week in fantasy football.


“We Give The Fans What They Want”

This week the family reveal Matt’s most annoying habits. The Street Beaters are in some sort of dance-off with the Meat Beaters and there’s chat about haemorrhoids, hernias and Jackson Pollock artwork.


The Night Just Went From There….

It's been a big week for the family. We hear about Matt's attempt at speed dating.Is it a bad hangover or are you really sick? Coops' stands up routine gets a standing ovation, and some aggressive Lorikeets are causing problems around the house.


“When It Rains…. it pours”

Cooper shares an ice bath with some Manchester United superstars, there are birthday celebrations and Trish might’ve started a little too early. Coach Bellamy is left unimpressed by Cooper’s unhelpful idiom, and when it comes to stand up comedy, well Jack, maybe keep working on your carpentry.


Former Broncos skipper on NRL scrapheap

Jake Turpin’s fall has been a tough one, with the gutsy hooker having gone from winning an award as the club’s most consistent player to being unable to find a home in 2023.


Kent: NRL coaches have nowhere to hide

In a year in which some rookie coaches have thrived and others have been axed, Cameron Ciraldo and Andrew Webster should be taking notes if they want to succeed, writes Paul Kent.